Packs for account based marketing Fast ABM Tactic: Whip together gorgeous, custom-feeling personalized content hubs for your highest-value leads and customers.

Waste no time making a perfect pack for a lead or customer. With a click, embed webinar invites and demo replays in a pack. Add booking forms, like your Calendly widget. Drop in ebook PDFs. And track what was opened, when and by whom.

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Packs works with everything so there are no limits to what you can embed

Right-click anywhere in a pack to paste code, links and files. Drag assets into a pack. Or just start typing to add headlines and copy.

  • Meeting icon Meeting schedulers like Calendly and HubSpot
  • Play video icon Videos - YouTube, Loom or uploaded MP4s
  • Download icon PDFs, photos and gifs
  • Social icon Social posts, like Tweets and LinkedIn articles
  • Docs icon Word docs and Google docs
  • Sheets icon Excel sheets and Google sheets
  • Airtables icon Keynotes, PowerPoints and Google Slides
  • Meeting icon Airtables and Notion files
  • Websites icon Websites
  • Articles icon Blog posts and articles
  • Ecommerce icon Ecommerce purchasing widgets
  • Forms icon Eventbrite forms
  • Webinars icon Webinar invitations, like Zoom and
  • Events icon AddEvent buttons
  • Reviews icon Google, Yelp, G2 and other reviews
  • Timers icon Countdown timers like DeadlineFunnel
  • Leadgen Forms icon Lead-gen forms like HubSpot and ActiveCampaign
Profile example

Jane Doe

Marketing Specialist

  • Marketing Strategist and Writer - Storyteller,
  • Account-Based Marketer,
  • SEO
  • +1 (555) 867-5309

Associate your face and brand with each pack.

Your bio card appears at the bottom of every pack you make (or click to hide it). Showcase your phone number, email address and social links, as well as your photo. So your contact always remembers you.


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Customize your message. For true account based marketing.

Tailor your headline. And add personalized messages to your pack to explain assets for your customer or just to, yknow, be friendly. Personalization is at the heart of ABM. But that doesn’t mean it needs to take long.

Make a pack for anyone at any stage in the buying journey. Here’s how.

Longer sales cycles need not mean more time spent creating custom-feeling materials. Duplicate and modify an existing pack, or create a new one from scratch. Then share the link with your lead or customer.

Packs for lead-generation in account based marketing

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Packs for upselling solutions to clients and customers

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Packs for cross-selling solutions to clients and customers

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Create packs and nurture all prospects in an org simultaneously. As part of your results-ready ABM campaigns.